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Perforated Insulation Hangers

Perforated Insulation Hangers Base Insulation Pins is a perforated metal base attached to metal pins. The 2" x 2" base is fabricated out of metal with the pin attached for impaling and installing various thermal and acoustical insulation material. Perforated Insul-Hangers are used to attach insulation with the use of general purpose adhesive. Surfaces must be

clean and dry before adhesive is applied. Some protective coatings are not compatible with adhesives and it is recommended that the user make test bonds before proceeding with the application. After the hanger is installed, insulation is impaled over the spindle and secured with a self-locking washer.


1. Nails are sharp and easy to penetrate insulation.

2. Nails are soft and easy to bend.

3. It has a good fixing effect when used with the lock plate.


Perforated Insulation Hangers
Common specifications1”;1-5/8”;2”; 2-1/2”; 3-1/2’; 4-1/2”; 5-1/2’ 6-1/2’
Pin diameter12GA
Bottom plate width2” square w/tape
MaterialMild steel,high strength galvznized steel, Stainless steel, Aluminum
Surface treatmentGalvanized treatment
PackingPacking according to your needs,
RemarkCan be customized according to specific size
OriginAnping, Hengshui, China

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