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Anchor Pin

We name the product a kind of stainless steel anchor.it is used to fasten glass wool. the anchor shall be made of three parts.one is anchor pin and anchor plate. the other is washer and spring washer.

    The bottom plate, anchoring nails, gaskets and spring gaskets are separated, which is convenient for transportation, saving freight and convenient for construction.

During construction, firstly, the anchoring nails and the bottom plate should be combined together and fixed together by spot welding. The nails are of porous design, which can better contact and fix with glue. After the anchor nails are firmly fixed, the first part of the interlayer is fixed with a spring washer, and then the second interlayer is placed, and the spacer is placed to fix the anchor nails.

Self stick insulation hangers&insulation pins

The product is stamped from high-quality 304 stainless steel, and the surface is cleaned and free of oil stains.

Anchor pin:

The pin thickness:0.6mm

The pin width:15mm

The pin flute:8*38mm  

The flute is inside of the pin to make strong support.  through the top chink we can put the washer and bend in opposite direction to fasten the wool.

Anchor Pin

Anchor plate:

Anchor Pin

The plate thickness:0.6mm

The pate size 40*40mm

Anchor pin and the anchor plate shall be fixed stiffly without cap. and before using should be welded two spots. the anchor plate adhesived with glue has 18 holes for Convenient penetration.

Washer :

Anchor Pin

The washer diameter:40mm

The washer thickness:0.6mm

The washer chink:20*3.0mm

Washer should be used for fixation of outside glass wool.

 Spring washer:

Anchor Pin

Spring washer diameter:38mm

Spring washer thickness :0.6mm

It shall be used for fixation of inside glass wool.if necessary

 Anchor Pin


Anchor Pin
Common specifications70mm,107mm,145mm,182mm(can be customized)
MaterialStainless steel, 
Surface treatmentSurface polishing treatment, or spray color
PackingPacking according to your needs, usually the specification is 500 per bag
RemarkCan be customized according to specific size
OriginAnping, Hengshui, China

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