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Cupped Head Weld Pins

Cup Head Insulating Pins simplify the permanent installation of "duct liners" or other insulating materials on ductwork or other heating, ventilation or air conditioning sheet metal configurations and enclosures. Manufactured part consisting of welded pins and retaining washers. A variety of materials are available. This product is typically used with capacitor discharge stud welders. Used to ensure insulation. Also used as a hookless tie anchor to ensure insulation within the finished blanket. Cupheads are widely accepted as labor-saving fasteners in the thermal and acoustic insulation market.

We have fifteen years of factory experience, and can make various shapes of insulation nails, gaskets, anchors, etc. according to customer's drawings. We have high-performance punch presses, advanced equipment and professional mold centers to meet all your production capacities.


1. The welding is firm, and it is used with the lock plate, which is suitable for all kinds of metal materials.

2. The nails are sharp enough to penetrate most insulating materials.

3. It is fast and efficient to use with the welding machine.


Cupped Head Weld Pins
Common specificationsLength:2''3''3½''4''4½''5½''6½'' 8½'' or customizedDiameter: 10GA ,11GA,12GA,14GA
MaterialStainless steel, mild steel, Aluminum
Surface treatmentStainless steel: polishing, passivationMild steel : Galvanized ,copper plating
PackingPacking according to your needs,
RemarkCan be customized according to specific size
OriginAnping, Hengshui, China

Diagram of the working principle:

Cupped Head Weld Pins

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