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Thermal insulation plastic plug with plastic pin and long expansion zone

This is a European standard thermal insulation nail, which consists of a plastic shell and a nail. The shell is made of high-quality plastic raw materials through injection molding. The head of the nail is wrapped with a plastic layer, which can effectively improve the corrosion resistance of the thermal insulation nail.

The design of the plastic shell enhances the expansion coefficient of the thermal insulation nail, so that it can be firmly fixed in the wall.

Self stick insulation hangers&insulation pins

Hammer-in facade fixing 60mm long expansion zone for high performance in masonry, as well as lightweight and aerated concrete. Used for fixation of polystyrene (EPS) boards, mineral wool, light wood wool building boards, polyurethane (PU) boards and lightweight recycled panels.


  • plug sleeve: impact resistant copolymer of      polypropylene PP

  • nail pin: electro zinc plated pin

  • head coating: polyamide PA 6.0 (Nylon) reinforced      with fiberglass


  • easy installation with the best performance in      lightweight base materials

  • approved for use in base material categories B, C,      D, and E

  • steel nail allows fast and trouble-free installation      with correct expansion of the plug

  • reduction of thermal bridge formation (value      0.003W/K) through the integration of an impact-resistant plastic over      molding on the nail head

  • plate stiffness (value 0.5 kN/mm) ensures smooth      elevation surface and stable insulation system

Approved for:

  • solid Brick (Use category B)

  • hollow brick (Use category C)

  • vertically-perforated clay block (Use category C)

  • lightweight concrete block (Use category C)

  • reinforced components of lightweight aggregate      concrete (Use category D)

  • aerated concrete block (Use category E)


  • External Thermal Insulation Composite Systems      (ETICS);

  • Polystyrene (EPS) boards;

  • Mineral wool;

  • Polyurethane (PU) boards;

  • Lightweight recycled panels.

Installation tips:

  • drill a hole of required diameter and depth

  • lightly tap the plastic sleeve through the insulation      material into hole with a hammer, until fixing depth is reached

  • hammer the steel nail into the plastic sleeve until      fixing is secure and flush with insulation material

  • embedment depth of min 60mm in approved materials

  • drilling depth of min 80mm in approved materials

  • can be used with additional KWL insulation holding      plates: KWL-90, KWL-110, and KWL-140, especially when is used soft      insulation panels.

  • temperature range when installed -35°C to +80°C




Disc   diameter:

60   mm


10   mm

Min.   drill hole depth:

70 mm

Effect.   anchoring depth:


Building   material classes:

B, C, D, E


Packing   according to your needs,

Point   thermal transmittance [W/K]:



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