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High Quality Insulation Pins Dome Caps

Dome Caps are designed to be used where appearance and safety are considered when installing insulation or making blankets or cushions. Covers are used to cover pegs on welding pins, coat hangers, lace anchors and quilt pins. For best results, the pins should be 1/4" longer than the insulation thickness. Secure the insulation with self-locking washers, then install the dome cover to cover the peg points.

We provide a variety of sizes for you to choose, according to your requirements we can design the style and size of the Dome Caps to meet your fixing needs. In addition, we have many kinds of materials, such as plastic, stainless steel, aluminum, galvanized sheet, and we can also make flexible combinations, for example, you can choose plastic caps and metal bottom plates to match.

In order to prevent the dome cap from being oxidized and rusted, we can provide a solution of spraying on the cap, and surface treatment of the metal cap. According to your requirements, we can perform electrophoresis, painting and other operations on the metal cap, which is both beautiful and durable. , increase the use time of the product.

We have stock and samples for general metal caps. If you need special customization, we hope that your order quantity can be larger, which can greatly save your cost.


1. The surface of the product is smoother and more resistant to corrosion after spraying the color.

2. Unique design secures insulation material firmly.

3. Product is hard and durable.


Dome Caps
Common specifications22mm, 28mm
MaterialStainless steel, Aluminum
Surface treatmentSurface polishing treatment, or spray color
PackingPacking according to your needs, usually the specification is 500 per bag
RemarkCan be customized according to specific size
OriginAnping, Hengshui, China

Advantage for our company:

1. Our products are of high quality and low prices.

2. We have a continuous and stable supply capacity.

3. We have rich experience in production and research and development, and can customize products according to needs.

4. We have many customers, and our products can pass international testing.