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Annular Navy Hanger

Annular Navy Hanger is a new type of auxiliary material for fixing thermal insulation materials. The bottom of the thermal insulation nails adopts a porous style. This advantage is that the thermal insulation nails and the fixed surface are better fitted. Depending on the style of the thread, the thermal insulation layer can be fixed by means of nut fixing, so that the fixing is firmer and the construction is convenient. It is generally made of low carbon steel and galvanized sheet, with a smooth and hard surface. It can also be made of stainless steel. Both materials and specifications support customized processing. We have advanced production lines that can meet the daily output of more than 20,000 pieces.

We have fifteen years of factory experience and can make refractory anchor bolts of various shapes according to customer's drawings. We have high-performance punching machines, advanced equipment, and professional mold centers, which can meet all your production capacity.


1. High-quality galvanized steel sheet and low carbon steel are used as raw materials, which are sturdy and durable.

2. Porous design at the bottom, which is conducive to the paste of glue.

3. Used in conjunction with the lock plate, it has a good fixing effect.


Annular Navy Hanger
Common specifications1”;1-5/8”;2”; 2-1/2”; 3-1/2’; 4-1/2”; 5-1/2’ 6-1/2’
Pin diameter12GA
Bottom plate width2” square w/tape
MaterialMild steel,high strength galvznized steel, Stainless steel, Aluminum
Surface treatmentGalvanized treatment
PackingPacking according to your needs,
RemarkCan be customized according to specific size
OriginAnping, Hengshui, China

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